Bellissima Cane Corsos
Stephanie Simpson



Upon Receipt and Approval of your Puppy Application
please submit this along with your deposit via US Mail.
You will receive a signed copy back with a receipt for your deposit.
Purchaser's Information:

City, State, Zip:
Phone:                                                  Email:
Selection (required):
    1st Pick Male      1st Pick Female
    2nd Pick Male      2nd Pick Female
    3rd Pick Male      3rd Pick Female

Litter Preference (Next Available unless Specified by Dam & Sire Name Here):

Any information you might think helpful in matching you with your puppy:

*Use additional paper if necessary.

Reserved Price: $________ (1st Pick) $________ (2nd Pick) $-_________ (3rd & remaining pick)

Deposit: $500.00 Date:____________

Bellissima Cane Corso is placing the above individual on the Deposit List for a future Cane Corso puppy of the above mentioned sex. All other information provided above will be considered in helping the individual select his or her new puppy. The sex selected in this contract is transferable ONLY if selected sex is not available, provided availability of opposite sex is available.

If a puppy meeting the primary sex criteria is not whelped, then the purchaser will remain on the list for future litters, unless Bellissima Cane Corso is notified in writing that the purchaser wishes to be removed. If a puppy meeting the sex criteria is whelped and the purchaser opts not to follow through on the purchase, the deposit is forfeited.

Both BUYER and SELLER acknowledge that no representations, verbal or implied, have been made with regard to said Cane Corsos future abilities.

If Bellissima Cane Corso can not reach the purchaser by the above stated contact methods, the purchaser will be remove from the list and the deposit kept by the kennel. We highly recommend that purchaser notify Bellissima Cane Corso with any change in contact information and remain in contact with us on a regular basis.

Bellissima Cane Corso will keep the purchaser informed on breedings, pregnancy and whelping information. Once puppies are whelped, timely updates will be provided to the purchaser.

Signing of the sales contract, health guarantee and spay/neuter contract (if applicable) is required at the appropriate time. Sales contract and spay/neuter contract (if applicable) will be signed at the time of final payment (When pup is 6 weeks old). This is a binding agreement, and if the purchaser breaches this contract the deposit is retained by Bellissima Cane Corso. The purchaser understands by signing this contract that the deposit is non-refundable.

The purchasers also understands and agrees that the final payment is due when the puppy is 6 weeks old.

**PLEASE NOTE: Money Orders and Cashier's Checks need to be made payable to Stephanie Simpson. DO NOT make payable to Bellissima Cane Corso! Thank you.


PURCHASER'S SIGNATURE:________________________________________

BELLISSIMA’S SIGNATURE:_________________________________________